Negotiating the deal

Haggling over price, you can spend more time in this process alone than it took to find the car! Don't waste your valuable time and energy sitting at the dealership... read more

Relax and enjoy your new car

Relax and let me remove all of these stresses from the car buying experience.......  read more

Finding the right car

Considering a new, pre-owned or leased vehicle, I offer a variety of services. Financing advice, Trade-in evaluation, Pre-owned and New vehicle inspections, Purchase price negotiations, After-market product more

I am Elzie Felton

You, the customer, deserve the most courteous and attentive treatment I can give. Customer satisfaction is not my policy, it is my business......  read more

Car Consultant

My name is Elzie Felton, and I have over 20 years of experience buying and selling vehicles.  While working at Chrysler, Dodge, and Jeep dealerships, I specialized in sales communications to include sales master and female client focused certifications.

I decided to branch out on my own because I saw an opportunity to use my knowledge of the car business to help people make informed decisions and get a great vehicle that won’t break their budget.

In the tough economic times, we truly need to be more budget conscience; however, the automobile dealers are trying to get every shopper to spend as much, if not more, than they can really afford.  Dealers are only concerned with how much they can make off you the customer.

As your car consultant, I promise to work within your budget to get the most car for you money – purchasing only the things you need for your car to ensure it continues to run properly for years to come. 

The bottom line is I truly enjoying seeing my clients drive away with a new vehicle knowing they got a “good deal” rather than beat down by the car buying process and hoping they didn’t get swindled by a smooth talking salesperson.

Therefore my motto is:-
I will not lie to you.
I will not lie with you.
I will not lie on you.
I will not lie for you.

I will work for you! - Contact me to get the process started.

Customer Testimonials

You, the customer, deserve the most courteous and attentive treatment I can give. Customer satisfaction is not my policy, it is my business. Here are a couple testimonies that speak to these principles.

Donna V.

Elzie gave us the best customer service that any customer would want. He treated us with the utmost respect.”
Donna V. - read more

Kathy C.

“Elzie was extremely current on all the features of the new trucks and I had no doubt that he understood what I wanted because he LISTENED. I would put full confidence in Elzie to help me purchase a vehicle again.” Kathy C.  - read more


I truly can’t thank you enough for guiding me through buying my car and having so much patience with me. For the first time I feel 100% satisfied with my purchase and know without a doubt that I got a great deal, -- read more